Decisions for the New Year (continued) Joshua 24:13-24

Joshua 24:13-24
Truly each one of us will be faced with a need to make decisions. This coming year, you and I will have to make a significant decision that will surely affect our lives and the lives of people we love and the lives of other people around us that is within our circle of influence. Amidst all that was happening in the world during the time of Joshua, the great deal of sin, immortality, disobedience and rebellion, Joshua took a bold stand and made a decision. He made a decision of commitment about serving the Lord (v. 14-15) as well as a decision to embrace and obey and tell others about the values, commands, and principles of God.
Making a decision to trust God.
· I am sure that there will be days before us this new year that you and I will be greatly stretched by our faith and by our circumstances. There will be situations that I think God will arrange and some He will allow that will stretch us to the point where it will require a great deal of faith on our part to really believe that God is able to see us through it. We will find ourselves in situations that will be unfamiliar to us or situations where we will not be sure of what to do and God is going to ask us to trust Him. We will be stretched and you and I will either trust the Lord more or believe that He fails us and doesn’t care. God wants to do the impossible in our lives this year, but are we going believe Him more than we have ever done so before and see Him do amazing things? Are we going to make a decision to trust Him or not? You and I will be faced with making this decision.
Making a decision to make our familia a priority.
· Some of us will and some of us won’t make our home, our family a priority. But some will decide like Joshua did (v.15) and we should do the same.
· Proverbs 6:20 “My son, keep your father’s commands and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.” This scripture verse suggests that fathers and mothers are really speaking about the commands of God in our home relationships. It assumes that we are talking about the principles of God and not only speaking it into the lives of our familia but also taking the time to listen to them and observe the concerns they may have. I believe that all of us will have a great amount of opportunities this year to spend time talking about the things of God to people we love and listening to their concerns.
· Why should the commands of God be a priority in our homes, in our lives, in the lives of those we love? (Proverbs 6:22-23; Deuteronomy 6:5-9).
◦ When you and I make God and His commands the priority in our life, it will lead and guide us. It will save us from confusion, mistakes and failures. We will know clearly the path to take.
◦ When you and I make a decision to put God and His commands first, we actually get sleep and rest because we know that God is going to care for us, watch over us and the affairs of our lives.
◦ You and I will constantly feel a sense of confidence as the Lord will speak into our lives because we decided to put Him first.
◦ His commands and ways become a light and lamp and brings clarity and revelation in those dark times when we don’t know what to do.
◦ Yes His commands will lead us to do what is right but it will also tell us when you and I are wrong and off the wrong path.
Making a decision to look for opportunities to grow in the Word of God.
· Time in God’s Word will help you and I resist the temptations that we will face and there are all kinds of them. In particular, the temptation of pride. Pride that causes you and I to think that we can survive on our own without God and His help. The Word of God will surely humble us (Psalm 119:11). It will also help us to live wisely (Psalm 119:105). It will strengthen us everyday because it gives us hope (Psalm 119:49). It will bring comfort to our hearts (Jeremiah 15:16). It brings courage to trust God to do things, and let Him be God (Joshua 1:6-9; Psalm 46:10). Familia, spiritual survival is not possible without nourishment from the Word of God. God’s Word is essential to us as believers (Deuteronomy 8:3). As we begin a new year, let each of us commit to daily spending time in the Word. It will help us meet every challenge. Whatever we face this year, God’s promises are there for you and for me.