Our Values

  • We believe in building an intimate relationship with God through worship and reading of His Word and Prayer.
  • We believe in life transformed through hearing and learning the Word of God and applying it to our lives.
  • We believe in making disciples through Mini-Church and Life Transformation Groups.
  • We believe in building personal relationships through community outreaches.


Values we have committed to:

  • Prayer
  • Enabling each believer to know and understand the Word (intimate relationship with God)
  • To know how to apply the Word in our lives (transformed life, producing genuine disciples)
  • Teach each believer to grow in the gifts and callings God has for them (equipping to serve God and serve people)
  • Moral discipline
  • Nurture of children and youth
  • Care for the poor, single parents and widows (those who are in need)
  • Involvement in local and foreign missions
  • Prolonged worship that does not take its focus off God